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Warren Zevon occupied a very unique place within the world of what may be loosely labeled “pop music.”  He was the king of song-noir.  He had everything that Randy Newman or Richard Thompson do.  But was friends with Bruce and Jackson; and wasn’t afraid of the confessional.  So when people call him a “harder rocking Randy Newman” or “harder rocking Jackson Browne” it’s really a load of bullshit.  There will never be another Warren.  He was also an addict, who hurt those closest to him time and time again.  But as Browne put it, he couldn’t have written this stuff without a heart as big as the wide open sky.  Because behind the stardom and disease, Warren was a reclusive, shy, vulnerable soul…maybe that’s part of why his life’s journey and work means so much to me — despite how many times he hurt those closest to him and was totally inappropriate — but I hesitate to say that, because it was the music that got me… who took a very valiant, brave stand, confronted his own rock bottom, made a bold and courageous recovery, and grew a little bit every day into the human being and father he wanted to be all along for Jordan and Ariel.  One of the greatest of the greats.  Nothing can or ever will change that (no matter how much he tried to piss it all away in the darkest of times).  “Empty-Handed Heart” is my favorite Zevon song and performance ever, period.  I don’t even want to say anything more. Hope it leaves you feeling the same.


Written by toneandquality

December 16, 2011 at 3:08 am

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